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CLAW University:
College of Science


  1. Animal Kingdom *
  2. Anthropology
  3. Archaeology
  4. Botany 1
  5. Botany 2
  6. Environmental Friendliness
  7. Hunting for Flying Flowers
  8. Introduction to the Sciences *
  9. Introduction To Feline Genetics *
  10. Geography
  11. Plant Kingdom *
  12. Taste and Smell in Cats, 1
  13. Taste and Smell in Cats, 2
  14. Scientific Method *
  15. The Solar system
  16. Zoology of the Felidae
  17. Botany of Catnip
See Degree Requirements for more information

Master of Science

For the degree of Master of Science these classes are currently required: Introduction to the Sciences, Plant Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Introduction To Feline Genetics, Scientific Method. In addition you must complete five elective classes from the College of Science. Any CLAW University class in the College of Science is allowed.

A total of ten classes from this college are required for this degree.

Classes may be moved to another college during the break between trimesters. Please attempt to complete your degree in one term. Remember that you must apply to graduate!

Doctorate Degrees

See Degree Requirements for more information.

Degree requirements may change as time goes by. However, if you start your degree requirements and complete them within a trimester, you can graduate under these requirements. We will not increase your requirements during the trimester.