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Science College, General Science Dept


How are they divided?

Geographically areas are divided into regions or places. Seattle, Washington is a place, but the Northwest Territory in the U. S. is a region. Within different regions you will find different languages or even alphabets. Many of these have influenced each other in their development, and the earliest alphabets arose to keep records of commercial transactions.

Another cultural characteristic of a region is the religion of an area. These have spread through movement as well as often being the vessel to carry a language or writing system to an area. In the U.S., most of the Southern states are Baptist, while the Los Angeles area and North East U. S. are Catholic. In Europe, the northern areas are Protestant while the southern Europeans are Catholic. The Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist religions dominate the Near East and Asia. Naturally, other religions are found in any of these areas.

Understanding the many variations would take further in depth studies, but it should be clear how these studies can help humans from differing areas to relate to each other and make meaningful decisions regarding the world and the environment.

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