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Environmental Friendliness

by Jessie Blyton



You may have heard your human speak of the environment. Environment means "around." The air, the soil, the oceans rivers and lakes, and all the plants and animals that live in them - all that is around us is our environment.

The environment can be broken down into habitats - types of living areas such as various kinds of forests or deserts. Cities are also habitats, both for humans and for us cats.

Cities are our habitat too

Cities and man made objects are also part of the environment, but humans generally see the environment as being divided into what is "natural" and man-made." Now they are beginning to think of the natural as the better part.

This is because a sad thing has happened since humans have got so large in numbers across the world - the natural world is being changed for the worse. Here is just one example: once people cut down trees for all kinds of things - buildings, vehicles, tools, fuel and most especially to clear the land for farming. The forests seemed without end. But now our humans are seeing that the trees are indeed "ending" - the forests are beginning to disappear with all the chopping and clearing.


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