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Environmental Friendliness

by Jessie Blyton



Trees for a healthy planet

But we're not like tigers, we don't need trees to be happy and healthy and prosperous, do we? Well, actually, we do! Although we don't eat trees or sleep in them, or maybe even hunt in and around them any more, we do need trees. Trees purify the environment by releasing oxygen; they keep the climates of the world mild, the rainfall well distributed; they provide protection and food and other benefits for countless animal species (including the prey we cats would live off in the wild) and they along with other species of plants are the foundation of the ecologies, the intricate webs of interdependent species, that are found in all the different environments of planet earth. We do need trees!

In fact all creatures - humans and cats like the rest - need the natural environment to remain intact. Even if we live in the middle of the city and stay in our apartments from one year to the next we still need the forests to be out there somewhere for us.

It is only now that humans and, I hope, cats are beginning to think about how the environment can be protected and helped back to health - now when obvious environmental damage is starting to show. We hear of not just the disappearance of forests but other environmental problems - pollution, rise in sea levels, loss of the ozone layer.

Air quality is a concern

That is why we need environmental friendliness - which is living responsibly, in a way that protects the environment and helps it back to health.


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