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Science College, General Science Dept

Environmental Friendliness

by Jessie Blyton



There are two basic ways we cats can be environmentally friendly.

*The first is indirect environmental friendliness - where we use our purrs to encourage our humans to be more environmentally friendly. A kitty could start, for example, by making sure that her human is recycling her food and litter packaging to cut down on pollution - or finding ways to interrupt her human when they take showers for too long and waste water - or alerting her human they have left lights on in rooms that aren't being used, to prevent the wastage of natural resources. Be imaginative, kitty students! Every little bit of saving helps.

*The second way is direct environmental friendliness - we must ensure we live our own lives in an environmentally friendly way. This is where we have the most moral responsibility, and so I want to spend the remaining part of the lesson mewing on what we cats can do about our own lives. I will mostly be referring to our effect as predators.


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