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5. The Future of the Felidae: A Field Trip

The field trip is an opportunity to get to know one or more of our cousins better. Perhaps through learning about them, you might find a way to help them survive. When you go on your field trip, take care to particularly consider at least one member of the Felidae with respect to their general and special characteristics-- how they resemble the typical Felid and how they differ. You may prefer to concentrate on one member of our family in depth, or look at several to compare and contrast them. It's up to you. Take a notebook and a few tools such as a camera, so you can record your observations about the cats that most interest you. Here are my suggestions for your destinations-- I have given you a big choice but one or two destinations is sufficient.

 Sites On The Whole Range of Felid Species:

  Big Cats On-Line (Choose "Species from the Menu.)

  Animal Diversity Web, University of Michigan Museum of Zoology (Use the Search Engine.)

  Cat Survival Trust (Click on "Wild Cats of the World.")

  Wildlife on Easy Street (Click on "Table of Contents" and go to "Animal Information" in the Contents List.)

  Cat Specialist Group (Click on "Species" then choose a Geographical Region.)

 Sites On Selected Felid Species:

  The Honolulu Zoo (Go to Site Map and Choose Cats from the Mammals Section.) 

The Living Desert Zoo & Gardens  

Further Study-- On Individual Felid Species:

  The Tiger Foundation  

Tiger Territory  

The Barbary Lion  

Asiatic Lion Information Centre  

*Homotherium*, The American Scimitar Cat

 Enjoy the fieldtrip! 

Afterwards, you may review the class and your notes before you take the exam.


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