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Science College, General Science Dept

Why is it important to explore
the world using the scientific method?

Science has been shown to be the best way to advance our knowledge of our universe.

For thousands of years science did not exist. Human societies remained the same. People lived short lives in conditions of stress and danger. Gradually over time science was invented.

Perhaps the first science was the domestication of plants. People observed that some plants could be grown in gardens. They tested the best ways of growing and harvesting these plants.

Over thousands of years more and more knowledge has been accumulated. Now there is so much knowledge that humans and we domesticated cats can live plush lives with lots to eat, good medical care, entertainment. We would not have these good lives without science.

If we want to continue to have better and better lives for all humans and cats on earth we must continue supporting science and the scientific method. Other ways of viewing the world are OK and have their place, but they do not do what science does for us.

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