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CLAW Self-growth Boards Information Education Computer New Meeting

Science College, General Science Dept


by Razzmatazz Poisson



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  1. What is anthropology?

  2. What is the origin of the word anthropology?

  3. What are the four branches of anthropology?

  4. Which branch is sometimes thought of as its own science and not a branch of anthropology?

  5. Which branch studies human language?

  6. Which branch is based on first-hand observations?

  7. Which branch studies artifacts?

  8. Which branch studies the development of humans as a species?

  9. Which branch studies the various aspects of life such as kinship, religion art, and economics?

  10. According to this class, what is the question that the study of anthropology try to answer?



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CLAW Self-growth Boards Information Education Computer New Meeting

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