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Zoology of the Felidae


NOTE: Please take this exam, or fill out this form, one cat at a time.

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  1. Why aren't there any Felidae native to both Australia and Antarctica? Where else might there be none?

  2. What is said to be the smallest species in the Felidae family?
    A) Domestic cat, *Felis catus*
    B) Rusty-spotted cat, *Prionailurus rubiginosus*

  3. What is the distribution of lions worldwide today?

  4. Is this the same as in the past? Why?

  5. The lion and tiger are very similar under their skins-- it's hard to tell their skeletons apart. In captivity they may mate to produce a liger or tigon. Does this mean they are NOT two different species? Explain your answer. (Hint: use the definition of species I gave.)

    Answer ONE ESSAY only, using information from the class and your field trip:

    A. "A cat is a cat is a cat." Felidae species are so alike they should all be put in the one genus *Felis*. Discuss the zoological accuracy of this opinion in about 15 lines. Use information from several Felid species to support your ideas.


    B. Give a short summary of ANY ONE wild Felid species of your choice from a zoologist's viewpoint. Include details of how this cat conforms to and differs from the general family characteristics.(12-15 lines)



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CLAW Self-growth Boards Information Education Computer New Meeting

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