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Science College, General Science Dept

Smell and Taste 1



NOTE: Please take this exam, or fill out this form, one cat at a time.

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1) All cats like sweets, true or false


2)Cats should be given milk, true or false


3)What organ provides the flehmen reaction?

4)What is the mixed organ

5)What is the popular name for a mint that cats like that is called Nepeta cataria and is similar to Valerian?

6)Field trip: Your reaction to catnip
List as many observations to this stimulant as possible. You may include if you hunt for catnip in your house, as well.

Please double check your e-mail and answers before handing in the exam.

Thank you

Note: If your exam is successfully sent, you will see a page saying so. If you do not see this message, please click the Send Exam button again. If the form doesn't work after a second try, please e-mail your answers to CLAW. Thank you.



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CLAW Self-growth Boards Information Education Computer New Meeting

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