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Hunting for Flying Flowers



NOTE: Please take this exam, or fill out this form, one cat at a time.

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1) What are the best months to find a Butterfly?

a. January to February
b. May to August
c. November to December

2) How many legs do butterflies have?

a. 2 legs
b. 4 legs
c. 6 legs

3) What do Butterflies eat?

a. Nectar
b. Pollen
c. Sugar

4) What is a brightly colored day-flying insect?

a. Humming Bird
b. Flying Fish
c. Butterfly

5) Where do Butterflies go when it rains?

a. Under leaves
b. Under stones
c. Hide in the grass
d. All of the above

6) Do Caterpillars have ears?

a. Yes
b. No

7) Name two flowers a Butterfly likes

8) What is the best way to catch a Butterfly?

9) Do Butterflies have scales?

a. Yes, tiny scales on their wings
b. No, no scales on my Butterfly!

10) Can you grow a garden just for Butterflies?

a. Yes
b. No

Please double check your e-mail and answers before handing in the exam.

Thank you

Note: If your exam is successfully sent, you will see a page saying so. If you do not see this message, please click the Send Exam button again. If the form doesn't work after a second try, please e-mail your answers to CLAW. Thank you.



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