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Professional Ethics

By Genghis Kahn



NOTE: Please take this exam, or fill out this form, one cat at a time.

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1)Name 3 professions that require an oath to obey a Code of Conduct prior to working in their field.

2)What professional are you most comfortable with telling a secret? Why?

3) What is an ethic?

4) If you were a very fat cat, and had a bald spot on your tail, which principle would you most want your v*t to obey?

5) Explain the general principles in your own words.


Please double check your e-mail and answers before handing in the exam.

Thank you

Note: If your exam is successfully sent, you will see a page saying so. If you do not see this message, please click the Send Exam button again. If the form doesn't work after a second try, please e-mail your answers to CLAW. Thank you.


CLAW University, Ethics College

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CLAW Self-growth Boards Information Education Computer New Meeting

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