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Science College, General Science Dept

How does science differ from belief?

If you read the preceding sections well, you already know how science differs from belief. Most cats have beliefs based upon what they have read or been told. Science is in the business of developing ideas based upon systematic testing. Beliefs are rarely tested, but scientific ideas are always fully tested.

Some beliefs, like the belief in God, are hard to test. You may have proved to yourself that your god exists, but other cats cannot do the same tests you did and get the same results. Getting the same results all the time is a requirement of science. Just because you cannot prove the existence of your god does not mean that she does not exist: it just means that belief in your god is not science.

There are many beliefs in our world that cannot be proved at this time. This is OK on the most part. We only get into trouble when we generate fallacies for ourselves. (more about this later)

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